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Solve your tax issues


Provide an in depth review of county tax values for errors such as square footages for the land and the improvement, classifications, depreciation, taxability etc.



We compare the subject property to like and similar parcels in the vicinity to compare it to the comparables as far as the dollars per square foot.



We handle every aspect of the tax appeal process and our goal is to ultimately save you valuable tax dollars.

» Do you want to challenge your assessment?


If you feel like appealing your own assessment will take you out of your "comfort" zone, then we are here to help. We know the ins and outs of appealing property tax assessments and can do it for you. Please contact us to further discuss the processes.

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The Info You Need to Challenge Your Assessment

"There are many things that go into appealing one's assessment. One can't just show up at the board of equalization and say "my value's too high, please reduce it." Tax Appeal Blog

» We are here to save you money.

The Vinson Group handles property tax appeals, throughout the Southeast, although we primarily work in metro Atlanta, and Georgia.  We know the counties and municipalities throughout this region and we have worked in your area to save our clients money. 

We handle all aspects of the property tax appeal from start to finish, including site inspections, filing the necessary property tax returns (if applicable) and the appeals as well as appearing before the various boards of equalization.  If the need arises, we will consult with an attorney and appear before a Superior Court regarding a tax appeal.

We have 17 years in the property tax appeal business and throughout the years have saved our clients millions of dollars in property tax savings.  We strive to give our clients the best service that we can and our ultimate goal is to save our client’s money on his or her property tax bill.


» Protecting you with...

  • Prepare and file real estate tax returns
    (if necessary)
  • Prepare and file personal property tax returns
  • Analyze property tax assessments
  • Analyze the market value of a property
  • Review the cost approach
  • Compare the subject property to like and
    similar ones in the vicinity, to see how it
    compares to the comparables dollars / square foot.
  • Annual Property Tax estimates
  • Work up property tax estimates for potential purchase of property
  • Represent the client before the board
    of equalization or mediation
  • Consult and help represent the client to
    Superior Court
  • Help with combinations, splits, etc.
    with the mapping department within
    the assessor’s office.
  • Update our clients with annual reports
    showing the proposed and final taxes
    and tax savings.
  • Reasonable fee structures, flat fees, flat fees with contingency.

This service is more reasonable than one would think, please contact us for more information